A K-5 Public charter school for the students of the Bronx, NY

Our Mission

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Bold Charter School equips all kindergarten through fifth grade students with the academic and character foundation to succeed in college, access lives of opportunity, and serve as the next generation of leaders.

Our Model

We believe that all children, regardless of background, can thrive in college and serve as the next generation of leaders.

  • College-preparatory curriculum, with an intensive focus on literacy, math, and science.
  • Extended learning time, including a longer school day and school year.
  • Values-based school culture that leads to personal excellence in school and life.
  • Leadership Lab focused on leadership development and civic engagement.
  • Individualized supports for all students, including students with special education or English language learning needs.
  • Strong family and community partnerships that ensure all children fulfill their potential.

Your Role

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Share our mission and plans with parents, educators, and community members who can help us bring our vision to life.