Rigorous & Engaging Academics


Our academic program is designed based on the belief that active participation in the learning process leads to meaningful, transferrable, and enduring understanding.



Our literacy program is designed to not only develop our scholars as strong readers and writers, but also instill a love for reading that will enable our scholars to become lifelong learners and teach themselves anything.



We follow an inquiry-based model of learning, where scholars are given unique problems, and the time and encouragement to solve those problems through a variety of strategies. This approach inspires a deep understanding of math, as well as prepares our scholars to be flexible and innovative thinkers.



Starting in Kindergarten, all scholars participate in discovery-based science class every day taught by a dedicated science teacher. Scholars engage in hands-on labs and activities, through which they develop a curiosity about the world around them and begin to answer the question “why are things the way they are and not otherwise?”



In Social Studies, scholars further develop their literacy skills by engaging with complex, informational texts. Social Studies is also an opportunity for scholars to consider and discuss questions about self, community, and the world, applying learning to their own lives.



Our Arts program exposes scholars to a wide variety of visual and performing art forms, allowing them to discover personal passions, develop creative thinking skills, and build strong public speaking and presentation skills.



Scholars engage in individual and team sports, such as track, basketball, and soccer, through which they develop healthy physical habits, learn about teamwork, and discover passions for different types of sports. 


Leadership Development


We are committed to not only preparing our students to succeed in college, but to become leaders in their communities and in our world.


Leadership Lab

We believe that leaders are made, not born. During Leadership Lab we focus on our scholars’ social-emotional development by explicitly teaching skills related to self-monitoring, goal-setting, and collaboration - the precise behaviors displayed by any successful leader.


Project-Based Learning

Scholars apply the skills they learn in Leadership Lab during project-based learning units, which are interdisciplinary and hands-on learning experiences. Scholars have choice in the design of each project so that it aligns to their personal interests and needs of their community.



Readiness for the 21st century and the digital age requires high levels of technological literacy. Starting in Kindergarten, all scholars receive a Chromebook and learn to use technology appropriately, effectively, and as a means to expand their learning across content areas.


Culture of Support


We create and sustain a learning environment that is joyful, caring, and supportive so that all scholars, regardless of starting point or learning style, are able to thrive.


Values-Based School Culture

Above all else, we are responsible for the kind of individuals our scholars become.  We teach, model, and instill a set of values that we believe are critical for academic achievement, professional success, and personal happiness.


Family Partnerships

Families are critical partners in our work of providing a world-class education. We invest in family partnerships in many ways, including daily communication from teachers, academic and cultural celebrations, and BOLD University Nights designed to teach families strategies for supporting learning at home.

Scholar Supports

We personalize the learning experience to ensure we deliver on our mission for every scholar. In addition to our co-teaching model in every classroom, our Student Support Team provides additional intervention for scholars with specific learning and language needs.