A Day in the Life of a Bold Student

At Bold, we believe that excellence takes effort. Read on to see how our students spend their days achieving their extraordinary potential!


Bold Start

Bold teachers welcome students with a handshake as they arrive for breakfast and morning work in their classrooms. As students prepare for the day, they calmly begin assignments and center their focus for the day.




Phonics is crucial for students as they learn how to read, helping them to develop their understanding of letter sounds and patterns, and building the foundational skills they’ll need for reading in middle school, high school, college, and beyond.



Math Workshop

Students learn new content in Math Workshop, with an emphasis on exploring the ways in which they can apply their new knowledge to real world contexts.



Recess & Lunch

We are proud to provide healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack for all Bold students at no cost to families! Our menu reflects the varied cultures represented in Bold’s community, with options for many different dietary restrictions and allergies. Students burn off some energy and play with their friends during recess.



Small Group Reading

Students work in small groups of five to seven with a teacher every day on reading lessons fine-tuned to their reading level. These daily lessons help students achieve rapid growth in their reading and comprehension skills.




Bold’s Humanities curriculum emphasizes building knowledge about people, culture, and history as students practice their reading and writing skills. From American history to great works of art, students are interpreting texts, developing their critical thinking skills, and communicating ideas in their own words!




A quick break for snack helps students to focus and re-energize before diving into the afternoon’s work!



Math Problem Solving

Students have time to work in small groups with a teacher to review concepts they need to practice. This extra practice helps all students to build a strong foundation in math concepts and math fluency.




Hands-on labs and experiments develop students’ curiosity for the world around them. Students build their knowledge while learning foundational elements of the scientific method.




Students build skills and explore their passions in our talent blocks each day. Whether it is strategic thinking in Chess or athletic skills in Sports, our Talent team strives to help students build durable, transferable skills and lifelong passions!




Students end the day reflecting on their progress, setting goals for the next day, and completing any work they didn’t have a chance to finish earlier.


Dismissal & After-school Clubs

After an amazing day of learning and growing, students are ready to be picked up or take the school bus home. Students in our Chess Club or on Bold’s award-winning Chess Team stay after school to hone their skills and develop their strategies for the next tournament!



Interested in learning more?

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